10 Simple Landscaping Ideas For a Beautiful Yard

10 Super Simple Landscaping Ideas to create a beautiful yard.

Here’s 10 simple landscaping ideas to use, if, in general you’re satisfied with your landscaping, but you’re starting to feel like things just aren’t quite right anymore.


You can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong, but there’s a tired appearance creeping in. The yard and house are looking a little dowdy, a little like they’re wearing granny drawers instead of this year’s fashion.

You don’t need a complete make-over, you just need a few simple, easy landscaping ideas to refresh and rejuvenate your yard. Check out these ideas and bring your yard back to life.

1. De-clutter:

De-clutter Simple Landscaping Ideas

Nothing can bring down the appearance of your landscaping quicker than a lot of clutter scattered around the yard. Discarded toys, tools left out, leftover debris from last weekend’s cookout and the clutter of everyday life can pile up fast. Keeping up with all of this can be a challenge but it is necessary if you want your home to look its best at all times.

The easiest and simplest way to stay on top of this is to take care of it immediately when it happens. Make sure the kids bring their toys and bikes back into the house or put them away where they belong when they’re done. Yes, this can be difficult, but not impossible. Don’t let leaving things out where they don’t belong become a habit for them. This can be a little easier if you help set the example by not leaving your belongings and tools lying about.

Clean up immediately after cookouts and outdoor parties. Enlist the aid of your guests to bring items back into the house. I know from experience that all too often we don’t want to impose on our guests by letting them help with cleanup, but most want perhaps are even eager to help.

That doesn’t mean you should break out the push brooms and rakes but it is perfectly fine to allow them to help with some of the pickup. Make your job even easier by making sure there are plenty of trash receptacles at your party.

2. Trim or prune existing plants, shrubs and trees:

Trim or Prune Plants-Simple Landscaping Idea

Some bushes and shrubs and even some perennial plants can become leggy and sparse looking after a few years. Others can sprawl out or up and become straggly and overgrown, blocking the views and taking over an area. This is especially true if they haven’t been trimmed or pruned on a regular basis.

Even ornamental trees will benefit from judicious pruning every year. Careful pruning can keep those trees from becoming too large for the space they’re in and can help keep them healthy.

Certain perennial plants need to be dug up, divided and replanted every few years. This will give you several plants to place in different places throughout your yard or to give to family, friends and neighbors. Some plants can be shared and cherished for generations this way.

You’ll need to take a good hard look at your landscape plants that seem like they’ve seen better days. Many of them can be pruned or divided and rejuvenated, others can’t and will need to be removed and replaced. A quick look online or a call to a nursery can let you know which the better course of action is.

3. Hide the ugly:

Hide The Ugly- Simple Landscaping Ideas

It’s just a fact of modern life that we all have bits and pieces and parts of our houses that aren’t very attractive, some just downright ugly. Heating and air conditioning units, trash cans, water hoses, utility poles and wires, tools and toys. Some of these things we can’t live without, others just make life easier or more enjoyable.

Just because we can’t or don’t want to live without them doesn’t mean we have to look at them every day nor do we have to let them ruin our landscaping efforts to beautify our homes.

Some things, like our tools and toys, just need a home to rest in while not being used. This could mean something simple like installing bike racks, ball bins or toy boxes in our garage or putting up a storage shed if we don’t have a garage. Water hoses can be stored on retractable hose reels or in hose boxes.

Items that can’t be moved out of sight can be screened or camouflaged. Build attractive looking boxes and screens to hide air conditioning units and trash cans or screen them with plantings.

Remember when you screen or box in items like air conditioning units, you need to leave space for routine maintenance or repair. If you use plants for screening keep in mind that plants with thorns, like roses, are a bad idea if you ever need a repairman to work on your appliances

4.  Add some color:

Add Some Color- Simple Landscaping Ideas

Few things are as simple and easy to do as adding a few splashes of color to your landscaping and yet have a bigger impact.

There are many ways to add color. A few flowering plants, a colorful urn or planter, a fresh coat of paint, a piece of yard art or a colorful layer of mulch are just a few ways you can add some color and vibrancy to your landscape.

Color, though, is one of the areas where you may want to exercise some restraint. Too much can cause it to lose its impact, dull your senses  and become jarring. This is especially true when using strong colors like red, yellow or orange.

Use color to draw your eye to other areas. When using flowering plants, plant them in small groups and clusters rather than single plants scattered everywhere.

Remember green is a color too. Some gardeners like to create an oasis of green only, soothing and relaxing. It’s good to keep in mind that there are many shades of green. Dark and glossy, chartreuse, lime, moss and some have leaves tipped, edged or dappled with white, silver or gray. You can play these shades off each other and create areas of light and shadow to delight the eye and rest the mind.

5.  Add a focal point:

Add a Focal Point- Simple Landscaping Ideas

Creating a focal point in your landscape will establish an area of interest and add a touch of drama. It gives the visitors’ eye a place to rest and will draw them deeper into the landscape.

The example in the photo above is obviously on too large of a scale to use in most of our yards. It is, however, a perfect example of how plants, color, lights and paths can lead the eye to the focal point

You could easily scale this down for use in your own yard. Instead of streets on either side, create a path down the center. It doesn’t even have to be straight, it could be a winding path.

Instead of that broad swath of color down the center, place a few colorful plants in clusters on both sides along your path. For the best result, use all the same color.

Now instead of street lamps, place some landscape lights along that path. Perhaps place some up lights around your focal point for added drama at night.

Replace that huge fountain with a smaller fountain for your focal point. Or you could use a small sculpture, an ornamental tree, a specimen plant, a beautiful garden gate, colorful urn, an arbor or almost anything that catches the eye.

One of the most memorable focal points I ever saw was a homeowner’s front door. As you approached the path to the front door the first thing to catch your eye were two small groups of red flowering plants on both sides at the beginning of the path.

Those groups of red flowers were repeated a few more times on either side of the path leading up to the front porch where your eye was immediately drawn to the brilliant red door.

On either side of the door was a pedestal topped with a container of gleaming white flowers contrasting beautifully with that blazing red door.

Those red flowers and path drew your eye naturally to that door. It was also the only place in the entire landscape where the color red was used. That was many years ago and I can still see that door to this day.

You might not want to use the color red or even make your door a focal point. But these examples illustrate how to use almost any object as a focal point and the way plants and paths can lead the eye to that focal point.

6.  Make your house part of the landscape:

Make your house part of the landscape- simple landscaping ideas

Too often people treat their homes and their landscaping as two separate entities. Your landscaping should complement, enhance and complete the look of your home. Your house shouldn’t look like it doesn’t really belong in its surroundings.

The colors you use while landscaping should blend with and complement the colors of the exterior of your home not fight for attention with it. The two should work together as a cohesive single unit.

One easy way to integrate the home with the landscape is to bring the landscaping right up and into the house with the use of planters, hanging baskets, containers and flower boxes. This blurs the edges and boundaries between house and landscape.

Landscaping can improve and enhance the appearance of your home but it can’t entirely hide maintenance issues. Power wash dirty siding in the spring, keep the trim scraped and painted and repair or replace sagging or missing eaves and downspouts. Take care of any other maintenance issues before they have a chance to become an eyesore.

7.  Add simple lighting:

Add Simple Lighting- Simple Landscaping Ideas

Lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of your yard after dark. The new and vastly improved solar powered landscape lights make it easier than ever to add light in places where you didn’t think possible.

Use up-lights to highlight trees and shrubs, add solar lights along pathways to improve safety and to light the way. Add waterproof lights to fountains and ponds to create drama and improve the enjoyment of these features after nightfall. .

Lighting doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your landscaping it also adds an element of safety and security. A well-lit yard can also help to deter would be intruders and lower crime adding another layer of security for your family

8.  Add seating:

Add Seating- Simple Landscaping Ideas

This, in my opinion, is often one of the most neglected aspects of landscaping and yet is so easy and simple to implement.

Most people seem to concentrate all the seating on the patio or deck. While having plenty of seating here makes sense since this is where everyone congregates at parties and gatherings, it’s also nice to have a place to sit and relax in different areas of the yard so you can stop and enjoy the beauty of the plants.

Who wants to remain standing all the time? Why go to all the effort of making an area beautiful and relaxing then have everyone rush through just because there’s no place to sit and relax?

With the huge variety of garden benches and seats available in every price range there’s no reason not to provide a few places to sit in the yard other than your deck and patio. Pick places that will provide a nice view of something interesting and perhaps shade from the sun during the heat of the day.

Consider adding a bench along the front of the property where passersby could sit for a moment and enjoy your landscaping ideas and efforts.

9.  Plant for year-round color and interest:

Plant For Year Round Color and Interest- Simple Landscaping Ideas

Here’s a tale of two different landscapes.

There was a couple we knew who lived in the country. Their house sat at the end of a long winding drive and there were several large trees scattered in the huge front yard.

It became almost ritual every spring to drive slowly by their house and admire the daffodils and tulips lining that winding drive and surrounding the bases of all those trees. There must have been hundreds perhaps thousands of blooms.

It was an incredibly beautiful sight. Spring was the only time we would go by there though, the rest of the year their landscape was fairly plain and ordinary.

There’s another house, again out in the country, that I enjoy driving by, when time allows, to appreciate the beauty of their landscaping.

In the spring they also have several tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in bloom. Attractive, not as spectacular as the first couple’s, but attractive nonetheless. The difference is that I enjoy going by that house any time of the year.

There’s always something in bloom there- daisies, black-eyed susans, lilies, roses, day lilies, Echinacea, salvia, mums, asters and many others. Their landscape is beautiful and ever changing thru spring, summer and fall.

So the question then, is which one of these landscapes would you prefer? The one that is spectacularly beautiful for a short period of time just once a year, or the one that is attractive and enjoyable all season long?

10.  Decorate seasonally:

Decorate Seasonally- Simple Landscaping Ideas

A simple, easy idea to add year round interest to your landscaping and home is to decorate for the seasons and holidays.

Spring brings Easter and pastels, brightly colored Easter eggs, daffodils, tulips and hyacinth. You can add touches of these colors with your plantings and by adding decorations to your porch and yard.

Here in the United States, late spring and early summer brings Memorial Day and the 4th of July with red, white and blue decorations. Stars and stripes, the colors of bright fireworks, patriotic bunting and small flags planted in containers and the borders are all ways to decorate for this season. Obviously you’d want to decorate for your national holidays at the appropriate times where you live.

Late summer and early fall brings harvest time with fresh, ripe fruit, mums and asters. Bright red apples, purple asters and multi-colored mums all come to mind for this season.

Late fall brings Halloween and Thanksgiving. Oranges and black, browns and gold. Pumpkins and gourds, corn shocks, witches and black cats, pilgrims and ghosts abound.

Then of course comes the Grand Finale for the year. Christmas, twinkling strings of light, evergreen boughs and wreaths, red ribbons and bows, sparkling bright glass bulbs, pine cones and snowmen.

These of course are only the most obvious ways to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Use your landscape and house as a blank canvas to express your own creative ideas for adding interest and beautifying your home and yard year round.

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I'm an avid amateur gardener, landscaper and hobbyist woodworker. As a teenager I worked at a local nursery/landscaper during the summers and then worked at a tree farm part-time while attending college. Throughout the years I've continued to pursue my love of landscaping and gardening by building an impressive library of reference books on the subject and using my own home and yard as a laboratory for testing my ideas. Even my other hobby, woodworking, reflects this love of landscaping as nearly every thing I build is for use in the yard. Picnic tables, garden benches, outdoor seating, planters, arbors are among some of the things I love building the most. I hope I'm able to share some of my love of this subject with you and perhaps even inspire you to create the landscape of your dreams.

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