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Unique Landscaping Ideas to Add Pop and Sparkle to Your Yard

Use your unique landscaping ideas to add personality to your yard and stamp it as your own.

unique landscaping ideas

Your home's landscaping gives others a glimpse into your style. Therefore, if you tend to prefer a more whimsical and unique style, there is no reason you can't incorporate this into your landscaping plans. There are numerous unique landscaping ideas that will help you transform your yard into one that is distinctive from others. If you are uncertain about using a landscaping plan that is truly outside the box, consider using a themed idea such as the ones listed below.

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Cheap Landscaping Ideas or How Not To Spend a Fortune On Your Yard

Cheap Landscaping Ideas that will help you save money on your yard

Cheap Landscaping Ideas

Almost all of us can use some cheap landscaping ideas.  According to, the average American spends approximately $3,900 for basic landscaping services. The cost increases drastically if any repairs are needed to existing structures in your yard (deck, walkway).  It climbs even higher if new structures are installed, such as a gazebo or patio.

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Sticky: Landscapingideas4you- Transform Your Landscaping Ideas Into a Dream Yard

Do you need some fresh landscaping ideas?

gorgeous yard

beautiful yard

 Is your house the one that stands out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood full of homes with beautifully landscaped yards?  Have you run out of landscaping ideas or unsure how to execute the ones you do have?  

Are you embarrassed to admit that you own the house with the yard full of overgrown bushes and patches of brown grass in between bare spots that are covered in dust and rocks?

Do you scurry into the house to avoid the neighbors? Would you like to host some backyard cookouts or parties but are too embarrassed about the appearance of your yard to entertain?

 Perhaps your yard isn't quite that bad, but you know it could be so much
better. You have plenty of ideas for landscaping, but you're not sure how to
implement those ideas. It just seems like so much work, so complicated and so
confusing that you don't even know where to begin.

 Maybe you have attempted to spruce up your yard by planting some flowers or plants but either they didn't do well or they just didn't look right, didn't make much of an impact or seemed out of place. Perhaps they even withered and died. Have you given up? Are you afraid you just don't have what it takes to create a beautiful yard? Do you worry that you just don't have a green thumb so nothing will ever grow for you?

I'm also sure you're well aware of how much the professionals charge for even the simplest of jobs. You could easily blow your entire budget on a single project by using a professional designer/landscaper. But how do you execute your landscaping ideas for the yard if you don't have the expertise necessary to do it yourself?

If only there was a resource available that could provide you with the guidance and step by step instructions you need to turn your landscaping ideas into reality.

Landscaping Ideas Book

In fact such a resource already exists. Landscapingideas4you is one of the finest reference guides available. It’s literally a goldmine full of easy to understand and follow ideas, guides, step-by-plans, photos and videos.

Landscapingideas4you is one of the first resources that many dedicated amateurs, DIY’ers and even professionals turn to when they want to take on a new landscaping project.

What would owning this guide mean for you?   Here is a partial list of just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy from this resource:

    1. Increase your confidence in your personal ability to beautify your yard and home.

    2. You will never again be intimidated by the jargon and language used by the professionals or clerks at nurseries and home centers

    3. Turn your past failures into stunning successes.

    4. Feel the pride of being able too entertain friends and family in your stylish and beautifully landscaped yard

    5. Enjoy the pleasure and security of many thousands of dollars of increased home value.

    6. You will never again be taken by overpriced landscapers and designers for simple projects.

    7. End your confusion about what, when and where you should plant.

    8. Overcome any resistance or procrastination you have about starting new projects

    9. Regain your joy of working in the yard and see immediate results from your efforts.

    10. Increase your family's enjoyment of your home and outdoor spaces.

    No guide or resource, not even this one, is perfect, so let's look at some of the pros and cons of Landscapingideas4you.


    Ease of Use:

    Instant access, free lifetime updates and all information is available immediately, not drip-fed to you via monthly installments or other plan.


    The minimal cost of this resource is less than what you can expect to pay for a few flats of flowers or a small shrub or tree. You can use the knowledge gained to not lose those flowers or shrub/tree due to improper planting or placement.

    Vast Knowledge Base:

    The huge data base available to you contains over 7250 landscaping ideas for nearly any type of home, theme, climate, country, preference or personal decorating style imaginable.

    Other Resources:

    Videos, detailed step-by-step plans, thousands of full color picture galleries in 64 separate categories.


    Is It The Right Resource For You?

    If you are a totally hands-off type person, then this may not be something you would want to purchase. While you could still use the plans to help describe what you want to whoever you hire to do the landscaping, you probably could get that from a magazine.

    Time Resources:

    If your lifestyle is so busy you can't devote the time necessary to research, plan and implement the ideas presented and to do any necessary follow-up, then this guide won't be of much help to you.

    Many of the projects require only a weekend to complete the initial install, but that doesn't always take into consideration the time to visit local suppliers to make the purchases.

    If there are plants involved, you'll need to consider the time required for on-going routine maintenance like watering, weeding, fertilizing and trimming.

    Even though these maintenance items really take very little time over all, if your schedule is currently very tight I would recommend holding off until you’re committed to devote at least the minimum amount of time needed.

    Truthfully, I had a hard time coming up with many cons about this resource, it is so comprehensive and easy to use.

    So let's see what some actual customers have to say about Landscapingideas4you.

    Keith H. Staten Island, N.Y.

    Keith wrote in to say that this was exactly what he was looking for and that it gave him the final push he needed to get past his own landscaping challenges

    Teri stated that in just her second year of gardening, she's amazed at all the ideas this collection presented and that she's saved hundreds of dollars on just 2 projects so far.

    Teri L. Brisbane, QLD
    Ryan and Chloe Langley, UK

    Ryan and Chloe of Langley, UK both say that this guide is well organized, full of beautiful photographs, ideas, diagrams and that it's become a valuable addition to their resource library.

    Fred said that if you’re only going to buy one thing about landscape design… then this is the best one yet. He highly recommends it to anyone interested in landscaping.

    Fred G. Compton, CA


    This is a no hassle, risk free, 60 day guarantee! That’s right, you can use this product for a full 60 days and if at the end of that time you don’t feel it’s helped you in any way, simply ask for your money back. No problems, no questions asked, just a full refund. Keep all of the free bonuses too. It couldn’t be any easier!


    Get instant access to over 7250 designs. Start creating the yard of your dreams immediately. So far, you're only wishing for that dream yard. Take action now! Turn that wish into a reality. Click below and start planning your beautiful yard today.