Unique Landscaping Ideas to Add Pop and Sparkle to Your Yard

Use your unique landscaping ideas to add personality to your yard and stamp it as your own.

unique landscaping ideas

Your home's landscaping gives others a glimpse into your style. Therefore, if you tend to prefer a more whimsical and unique style, there is no reason you can't incorporate this into your landscaping plans. There are numerous unique landscaping ideas that will help you transform your yard into one that is distinctive from others. If you are uncertain about using a landscaping plan that is truly outside the box, consider using a themed idea such as the ones listed below.


Use something bold and unexpected to accent your flowerbeds. Almost everyone uses chopped-up wood or rocks, but that doesn't mean you have to. For example, use ceramic balls in various shades of the same color to create a fun focal point. Use a color that is complementary to your flowers. If you have chosen to plant white bellflowers, clematis, or daylilies, consider lining your flowerbed with several shades of bright blue glazed ceramic balls. It creates an impressive focal point.

Embellish something ordinary to create whimsy.

Examples include adding a sculptural element to the entry gate for your backyard. Also, transform a plain fence using accents and bright paint. You may want to paint your fence a bold color choice or consider painting it in a pattern of contrasting colors. For added bling, attach glass baubles to the tops of your picket fence.

Turn something ordinary into something completely different.

Perhaps you have a few small birdbaths that you do not use anymore. Place an assortment of marbles in various colors in the basin and cover with a piece of plastic or glass. Now, you have a unique accent table for your front porch or deck. Another option is to refinish an old door or window, add legs, and make it a dining table for your patio

Convert a basic planter using paint and your imagination.  You can also buy planters and flower pots that are painted with bold color choices and feature fun designs. However, if you are creative, why not do it yourself?

Consider using something other than a planter or pot for flowers.  This is intended for someone who is truly creative and tends to think outside of the box. Anything from old car tires to vintage coffee cans and old rain boots can be converted to something amazing with a little bit of imagination and some paint.

Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Tropical landscaping ideas create an environment that is dramatic, bold, and the perfect area to retreat to after a long day. It doesn't matter if you live on the beach or in the middle of Kansas, you can bring the tropics to your backyard.

You can easily transform your deck into a tiki bar by adding a thatched roof, bamboo accents, brightly colored wooden furniture, tiki masks, and tropical accents including cheery signs reminiscent of those found at bars located directly on the beach. If possible, install a unique ceiling fan overhead to keep everyone cool and keep insects away.

Consider adding a fire pit to the backyard.  Place a few benches or lounge chairs around for sitting by the air. Top them off with brightly colored cushions.

If you do not have a pool, think about adding a water feature such as a pond with a waterfall or a fountain.

Don't forget the tropical foliage including bamboo, palm or palm-like plants, ferns, and birds of paradise. Set out multicolored planters full of vibrant colors and flowers including coleus, bromeliads, hibiscus, and jasmines. If you see a plant or flower that fits the tropical theme, but you are uncertain whether or not it will grow well in your yard, ask someone at your local nursery.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

Choosing a garden themed landscaping plan gives you the opportunity to create a peaceful and gorgeous refuge. Cobblestone pathways, fountains, small ponds, green labyrinths, an assortment of colorful flowers, small trees, and wrought iron furniture are all quintessential items to consider as part of your landscaping design.

Garden themes are usually more free form and less formal than many other themes.  Often, combining both decorative and edible plants, this style of landscaping can appeal to all your senses.  This is also a perfect theme to choose to attract wildlife like butterflies and birds to your landscape.

Privacy Landscaping Ideas

With homes being built on smaller and smaller lots, it can seem as if your backyard is just a continuation of your neighbors.  While you may not be able to change your lot size, you can create privacy in your yard with a few simple changes.

Privacy fences are almost a must, but you do have other option rather than the traditional wooden fence available.  Consider planting a sheared privet hedge, Italian cypress, or arborvitae along your property line.

To create a decorative fence, opt for a open latticework fence.  Then, use climbing plants such as roses, passion flowers, climbing hydrangeas, and English ivy to cover the fence and create a beautiful look.

If fencing is not an option, consider using plants that are mid height to tall growers to create privacy.  Shrubs, ornamental grasses or an array of colorful flowers can take the place of the usual style fencing materials.  A row of wooden tripods planted with vining plants is another option to consider as a way to screen your outdoor areas.

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I'm an avid amateur gardener, landscaper and hobbyist woodworker. As a teenager I worked at a local nursery/landscaper during the summers and then worked at a tree farm part-time while attending college. Throughout the years I've continued to pursue my love of landscaping and gardening by building an impressive library of reference books on the subject and using my own home and yard as a laboratory for testing my ideas. Even my other hobby, woodworking, reflects this love of landscaping as nearly every thing I build is for use in the yard. Picnic tables, garden benches, outdoor seating, planters, arbors are among some of the things I love building the most. I hope I'm able to share some of my love of this subject with you and perhaps even inspire you to create the landscape of your dreams.

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